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A game changer to the industry, Bayhill Defense offers a groundbreaking "Predictive Maintenance Platform" to Governments that will provide comprehensive data and analytics visibility that will assist in better decision making, cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness.  Complimentary Predictive Maintenance consultations upon request.

Predictive Maintenance Use Cases:

  • Ammunition and Weapon states.  Predict ammunition and weapon failures from inventory and suppliers to advance accountability.  Help to promote quality and reduce cost to the Government

  • Inventory control.  Use data to predict inventory shortages and most efficient storage depots to keep supply.

  • Vehicle maintenance. Both ground and air vehicles will have real-time, updated maintenance reports and records. The outcome would be predictive analytics on potential mechanical failures, fuel efficiencies to reduce overall costs and the life-cycle extension of the vehicle.

  • Government Negotiation Leverage. Armed with never before seen data, the Government will have better insight into what they are buying from respective suppliers and more accurate inventory controls...allowing Governments to hold vendors accountable and give them the upper hand in price negotiation and vendor selections.

Have a potential use case for Machine Learning inside your organization? We would love to hear about it.

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